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Topic Of Discussion: 2nd Hand Clothing

Second-Hand Clothing Undermines Africa's Economy
The second-hand clothing industry in parts of Africa is big business. In fact, many charities receive substantial revenue from the sale of this clothes. Why buy a t-shirt for 10 dollars when you can buy one for 32 cents? These trends should come as no …
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Is your old t-shirt hurting African economies?
This is the Ugandan capital's version of a thrift store, fully stocked with second-hand garments from the West. Here, European-made clothing, American sports jerseys and designer labels are all offered at discount prices, turning second-hand markets …
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Shwopping in Senegal with Joanna Lumley
Coats and jumpers are shipped to countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Pakistan, for example; lightweight sports wear, bras and summer clothing are shipped to Africa. The market for second-hand clothing is worth about $ 1 billion annually …

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